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10 Reasons why you should not do Freelancing in 2022

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Freelancing has been a lucrative side hustle and even full-time employment to many people.

However, some people have ended up hitting rock bottom trying to venture into freelancing. There are several reasons that may make you not to join freelancing in 2022. These include;

If you think freelancing will be easier than a corporate job

10 Tips Before Starting Work as a FreelancerVenturing into freelancing with the assumption that it will be easier than a corporate job is very misguided.

Freelancing may be more demanding than a corporate job depending on the kind of services you look forward to offering and the clients you work with.

This tells you that you should not subscribe to the notion that freelancing is easier and if you do then you should avoid freelancing like a plague.

If you are looking forward to job benefits

work as a freelancerFreelancing does not offer benefits such as health insurance, pension and saving plans, paid vacations, among others that corporate jobs offer.

This is because freelancing is some sort of self-employment and thus such arrangements are based on oneself. So, you do not have to try freelancing if you are looking forward to such job benefits.

If you lack self-discipline

Considering the fact that freelancing is self-driven, that is there are no managers to watch over you, it needs a great degree of self-discipline in all ventures.

If you are that guy who needs to be pushed and watched over in order to deliver then you should not even try freelancing.

If you do not want to learn and acquire new skills

Top-5-Free- Video-Editing-SoftwareBeing a freelancer, you have to dynamically upgrade your skills so that you may survive in the market.

This means that you have to invest your time and at times resources into learning and acquiring new skills. If you are not ready for that then you should not do freelancing.

If you want to earn fast and easy money

In freelancing you have to deliver so that you can earn. Freelancing is even at times more demanding than corporate jobs because it is based on the principle of deliver to earn.

This means that freelance payments are remitted in accordance to the job done, that is both quality and quantity wise. this makes freelance money hard earned money.

So, if you are looking forward to earning easy and fast money from freelancing then you should not try it because you will be disappointed.

If you want to freelance because your friends do it

Freelancing is not a peer trait that you should just copy from your friends and peers. This is because it is based on oneself and it needs skills, the zeal to work and self-drive.

So, taking up freelancing because your friends do it is failing in the first step.  Before deciding to venture into freelancing, you should consider you personal capabilities such as your skills, experience, motivation and self-drive.

Please if you want to freelance because your friends do it then you should just not try it.

If you are not committed

Commitment to work is one of the core basics in freelancing. As a freelancer you should be committed to deliver to your clients satisfaction.

You should also be ready to work all around the clock due to time constraints and urgency of some tasks. This tells you that freelancing needs a self motivated person who is ready to set the bar high for self and work overboard.

So if you are thinking about joining freelancing but you doubt your commitment to serve then you should let go that idea.

If you do not have a sense of business running

work as a freelancerConsidering the fact that freelancing is a type of a business that is personal based, you will need to have business management skills such as branding, marketing, invoicing and keeping personal records so as to survive.

Unlike corporate jobs where there are departments and officers taking care of this business functions, in freelancing it is all on you and you may not make it if you don’t have these business management skills.

So, if you are looking forward to joining freelancing but lack these business management skills then you should just not do it because that will cause an early failure.

If you expect absolute flexibility

Many people think about freelancing in terms of flexibility, that is in the sense of not having to report to work at 8am, not having to sit on a desk for eight hours and such.

For your information, freelancing cannot give you such freedom and flexibility. This is because you will need your own office, you will need to sit on a desk and in front of machines to work.

Sometimes you may even have to spend more than the corporate 8 hours in your office, in front of machines.

So, if you are looking forward to joining freelancing with such expectation then you should not even try because you will be disappointed.

If you want to separate work from personal life

virtual assistantFreelancing cannot be separated from personal life like any other job. This is because freelancing is not a 8 am to 5 pm job.

As a freelancer, you should expect calls and duties all around the clock. You should be ready for work anytime and every time. This means that you may never get free time like other corporate workers who close their offices at 5pm thus having time for their other life aspects.

So, if you want to live a your life separately from your work then you should not bother yourself venturing into freelancing because you will not manage it.


Freelancing has been lucrative to some people, but this is not a guarantee to all. Before deciding whether or not to join freelancing you should evaluate yourself on the basis of the above aspects. This will help you make a well informed and guided decision.

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