5 Highest Earning Millionaire Freelancers in 2022

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2022 is set to end now. With the number of freelancers increasing on daily basis, many of them still struggle to get to that $100 mark. On the other side, there are few freelancers who made big bucks, created wealth and are  continuing to earn hefty money out of their freelancing careers.

Here is the list of 5 highest earning millionaire Freelancers in 2022.


  1. Dan Lok

Dan Lok is a Chinese-Canadian business magnate and global educator best known for being the founder and chairman of Closers.com – the world’s #1 SaaS platform which connects companies to closers.

Who is estimated to be worth over $200 million. Lok began his career as a copywriter and quickly rose to prominence in the world of online marketing.

He now runs a multimillion-dollar business empire that includes several companies in the fields of internet marketing and commerce

Lok invested the earnings from his freelancing services rom his online business into real estate and became a millionaire at age 27.


  1. Marcos Rezende

Rezende is a UX Designer from Ontario, Canada, with more than 13 years of experience. Marcos has worked in over 30 industry sectors for multinational organizations in the United States, Canada, Germany, and Brazil.


Some of Marcos’ notable projects include apps for Ontario’s COVID-19 dashboard, Urban Master Planning collaboration platform, and Reaction (kid’s e-learning app), to name a few.


Marcos loves sharing his industry expertise with aspiring UX designers and regularly writes for the popular UX publication Career Foundry. Toptal recognizes Marcos as part of its “Top 3%” of global freelancer talent—a title given to elite freelancers in their given field.


We don’t have access to Marcos’ rates, but the best UX designers on Upwork earn upwards of $100 per hour. As a Toptal Top 3% freelancer, Marcos likely charges $200-$300 per hour.


Marcos Rezende’s website was nominated for the prestigious awards in 2021.


  1. Koen van Oeveren – UX designer – Netherlands


Koen van Oeveren is a freelance UI & UX designer from North Brabant, Netherlands, with almost ten years of experience. Koen works with several design agencies in the Netherlands, designing apps, websites, and eCommerce experiences for many international brands.


Koen holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Communication and Multimedia Design from Avans University in the Netherlands. Koen’s portfolio website Koenvo was nominated for 2021 awards. Award.


  1. Pascal Strasche – Product / UX designer – Germany


Pascal Strasche is a product and UX designer with more than ten years of design experience from Germany.

He holds a Master of Arts in Interaction Design and a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, both from HAWK University of Applied Sciences and Arts.


For almost a year over 2020/2021, Pascal worked as the sole product designer to design Con Cubo’s SaaS tool that helps complex organizations visualize and manage teams.

He’s also worked with German steel giant XOM Materials to find product solutions to digitalize Germany’s steel industry.


In 2019, Pascal founded Product Design Resources, a growing archive of 800+ design resources, weekly updated for the design community.



  1. Paul Hunkin – Developer – New Zealand

Paul Hunkin is a freelance software consultant and developer from Tauranga, New Zealand, but currently living in Portugal.


Paul has over ten years of experience as a software developer with an impressive work history, including Google, NASA, InfoSys, and the Chinese aerospace industry leader COMAC.


He’s worked with several early-stage startups designing everything from high-performance big-data systems to complex web applications to 3D rendering engines.

He’s also built a lot of the foundational code for independent games on Android.


Paul is a Top Rated Upwork Freelancer with over $400k in platform earnings. His rates start at $120 per hour for software development. Check out Paul’s website for more about his impressive portfolio and work history.


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