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5 Things to Consider Before Starting Work as a Freelancer

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The choice of working as a freelancer has recently been favored by millennials. Why not?

work as a freelancerWorking as a freelancer is predicted to have high flexibility in the demands of his work. Many are interested in working as a freelancer because they feel free from the demands of the rules such as working as an office. And, this is what millennials aspire to the most.

So, is being a freelancer really that good? There are also those who are confused, considering that working as a freelancer cannot guarantee the future.


Because, working as a freelancer in the sense of working according to the project that we receive. If there is no project, then there is no income.

For those who want to choose to become a freelancer, what do you need to know and prepare so that in the future you don’t regret this choice? Here are 5 things to consider when deciding to work as a freelancer.

  • Manage Time Well

work as a freelancerOne of the best things about freelance work is the flexibility of time. We can set at will when we have to work; whether it’s morning, afternoon, even at midnight though.

In addition, we can save more time because we don’t have to go to the office or get stuck in traffic when working on a freelance basis. All work can be done either at home, in a coworking space, or in a cafe.

However, the biggest challenge is that because there is no formal time to work, we may neglect to take advantage of that time. Whether it’s the temptation to ‘lay down’ or even stream a movie, if we’re not disciplined in time management, work can get overlooked.

Therefore, it is important for a freelancer to always be disciplined in various aspects, especially those related to timing and work rhythm. Can the available time be maximized to complete the work before the deadline or vice versa?


  • Manage Finances Well

work as a freelancerBesides being good at managing time, a freelancer is also required to be able to manage his own finances. Unlike office employees who routinely get a salary every month, this is a little different for freelancers.

Freelance income each month will vary, depending on how much work can be obtained and completed. Of course, the more projects you get, the more money you will make. Usually, budding freelancers will fall prey to nominal in the account after various projects are completed.

They will find it difficult to distinguish between things that are really needed with things that are only a momentary desire. In short, they can be very wasteful if they are not able to manage their finances.

In addition, a freelancer also does not have benefits or health insurance like office employees. Therefore, it is important for a freelancer to prepare an emergency fund if at any time there is an urgent need.


  • Market and Build Networking Well

work as a freelancerAs we know, of course clients will not come by themselves if we are not actively looking. However, it’s a different story if we have a good personal branding and portfolio.

Building a personal brand is very important for a freelancer, especially for those who have just entered the freelance world.

If we have a positive image, of course, it will be easier to get the trust of clients. This qualified personal branding must also be accompanied by the ability to market yourself and build good relationships.


  • Stay Motivated to Find Clients

work as a freelancerThe more popular freelancing will certainly bring up more competitors. If you are new to freelance work, it can be a bit difficult to get clients. Therefore, it takes a strong motivation to find clients and compete with the many freelancers out there.

Throw away the feeling of laziness and the nature of giving up easily when you set foot in the freelance world. In addition, we also need extra patience and mental fortitude when pursuing a career as a freelancer.


  • Have the Resources and Choose the Areas that are Mastered

work as a freelancerLast but not least, of course we must have resources or equipment that can support our work. The most basic thing that a freelancer must have is his own laptop, because almost all work is now done through this object.

Or if you become a graphic design freelancer, of course you have to equip yourself with various editing software and other supporting equipment. In addition, another important thing is to make sure we choose a field that you like and are good at. Why? Because this will certainly make it easier for us to work on projects and finish them before the deadline.

In addition, we can also explore our abilities more deeply in the fields we master so that we have added value and uniqueness compared to other freelancers. By mastering this, of course it will be easy for us to find clients.


Every job has advantages and disadvantages, not just freelancers. By realizing this, one can be sure to be prepared for it. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of freelancers are:

1.   Freelancing Benefits

  • Having control over your workload, clients, and income is a significant benefit of freelance work. One can decide what job to take, which clients to want, and what level of salary to get.


  • Flexibility and remote work are also fun. Most freelance work can be done at home. Every job has a deadline to meet, but freelancers can decide when and where to work.


  • Freelancers will continue to work on new projects and work for different companies. For this reason, jobs may be more varied and interesting than full-time jobs.


  • Companies are increasingly choosing this type of work, because freelancers don’t burden the company as much as permanent employees. This may mean that freelancers will not be short of jobs for workers in the years to come.


2. Freelancing Disadvantages

  • With ultimate control, there will be certain responsibilities. As a freelancer, you are the business owner, and you must stay aware of taxes, invoices, invoices, payments received, determine health insurance, and purchase any tools or software and technology needed to get the job done.


  • Feast or famine syndrome is another real downside for freelancers. Some months may be full of work, while the following months may be long days without work.


  • Lack of stability: Depending on skill level, freelancers can compete with many other freelancers for jobs. If this is the case, the company can also easily decide to replace someone with someone else if they are not completely satisfied with the freelancer’s work.

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