Best Digital Marketing Reporting Dashboards to Invest Your Money on

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Best Digital Marketing Reporting Dashboards to Invest Your Money onA digital marketing reporting dashboard visually shows critical marketing analytics and KPIs. This may be accomplished in an Excel spreadsheet or utilizing a visualization tool such as Tableau, Looker, or Google Data Studio. Digital marketing reporting dashboards are designed to show info to in a way that enables fast examination and extraction of essential insights.

Data generated by digital marketing reporting dashboards range from high-level revenue reporting to channel-specific information. This information is needed for assessing ROI and marketing performance, but it is not easy to understand.

Marketing objectives exist for every sector, company, and team. Perhaps your company wants to boost its social media presence, track website traffic, or focus on lead generation. Whichever your goal, you’ll need to employ a digital marketing reporting dashboard to track the success or failure of various marketing efforts.

Digital Marketing Reporting Dashboards: Why is it Essential?

The increasing data in the world of a digitalized marketer is complex and complicated, and analytics dashboards may greatly assist. In a few years, we’ll have 6 billion mobile users. We already have 4.5 billion people who use the internet.

The good news for marketers is that each of these is a potential consumer clustering point. The sad thing is that each has its own marketing methodology, advertising platforms, and various strategies for communicating with potential clients.

Because of this, digital marketing reporting dashboards are important to the success of any marketing team. They not only compile all of the data and initiatives that have a beneficial influence on a firm. They also show you how to improve on your own existing plan.

Digital Marketing Reporting Dashboards: What a Marketing Dashboard Include?

Your digital marketing reporting dashboards should offer several reports geared for daily, weekly, or monthly visual analytics. This allows you to make course adjustments to your marketing activities more swiftly. Your digital marketing reporting dashboards serves numerous functions, which include:

  • Giving your team a tool to track overall performance as well as investments made in your marketing efforts.
  • Display key performance indicators.
  • Give your team the option to evaluate existing data and make changes according to the information on your digital marketing reporting dashboards.
  • Incorporate data from numerous marketing channels and present it in an easy-to-understand style.

Digital marketing reporting dashboards is such a diverse and complex subject with thousands of distinct KPIs. Creating digital marketing reporting dashboards for your firm to utilize can be challenging.

Great Digital Marketing Reporting Dashboards Criteria

What should we look for while reviewing digital marketing reporting dashboards? Here is a list of criteria:

  • User Interface

Is the marketing dashboard visually appealing and well-designed? Are the reports understandable, and interactive? 

  • Usability

Is it simple to learn and comprehend how to set up using the dashboard? Are the company’s tech support, tutorials, and training adequate? Can you build a customized marketing dashboard using basic tools? 

  • Functionality and Features

Is the tool capable of displaying significant info using charts, graphs, heat maps, scatter plots, timelines, and plain text? Can the marketing dashboard tool include data from keyword research, paid advertising, site referral, social media, and email to decide what works and what doesn’t? Can the dashboard measure transactions, revenue, and conversion per channel to determine which techniques are the most profitable? 

  • Integrations

Is it straightforward to incorporate with other tools? Are there any ready-made integration? Is it related to all of your data sources or advertising strategies? 

  • Value

In respect to the features, capabilities, and usability, how fair is the cost? Is the price reasonable, clear, and adaptable?

Digital Marketing Reporting Dashboards: Best Dashboard Tools


Google Data Studio

Google Data StudioGoogle Data Studio is a digital marketing reporting dashboard solution for customers that want to expand on Google Analytics’ features. Data Studios gathers information from Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Sheets, and other areas.


Power BI

Power BIPower BI for Office 365 is a business analytics system that incorporates cloud-based self-service BI, marketing collaborations, data publication and distribution, ad hoc analysis, built-in interactive visualizations, AI-powered data modeling, and other features.



MixpanelMixpanel is utilized by companies such as Uber, Twitter, and Expedia. It is cognitive analytics and data governance platform with capabilities such as simple data division and visualization, comparing user flows, monitoring conversion rates, and more.



Best Digital Marketing Reporting Dashboards to Invest Your Money on

The Octoboard platform is intended to assist you in collecting and using company data by supplying white label customer portals. This includes, TV dashboard designs, leaderboard construction, sharing cloud data analytics, Slack communication integration, and much more.


 Zoho Analytics

Best Digital Marketing Reporting Dashboards to Invest Your Money onZoho Analytics is a self-service BI and data analytics platform with access to any data source and comprehensive reporting and analysis options.



TapclicksTapClicks is a comprehensive platform for all business activities that is used by over 4000 organizations and brands. It includes features such as a single-dashboard campaign data, a simple summary generator, business marketing analytics visibility, and more.


Good Data

Best Digital Marketing Reporting Dashboards to Invest Your Money onGoodData offers cloud-based big data solutions to businesses of all sizes. The GoodData platform offers a scalable, dependable, and safe way to analyze massive data sets. It is beneficial for businesses looking to improve their marketing, sales, and customer service efficiency.



Best Digital Marketing Reporting Dashboards to Invest Your Money onTableau is intended to make it simple for anybody to examine and comprehend large amounts of data. The program is simple to use since it allows users to create dynamic dashboards and data visualizations using drag-and-drop capabilities.



SISENSESisense is a business intelligence application that provides small and medium-sized businesses with analytic solutions and market insights. It is a fully complete business intelligence software system that enables non-technologists to combine several data sources, create dashboards, generate data visualizations, and connect them with other users.



GROWGrow helps organizations to become data-driven and enhance their growth via the use of simple dashboards. Grow’s data dashboards offer an easy method to combine and mix disparate data from hundreds of sources, including spreadsheets, databases, and SaaS apps.


Digital Marketing Reporting Dashboards Template

Determining the ideal KPIs to include in each of your digital marketing reporting dashboards might be difficult at times. And, to be honest, you don’t have much time on your hands. As a result, having a variety of marketing dashboard templates to pick from is perfect.

We’ve built a variety of digital marketing reporting dashboard templates to assist you establish a strong foundation. You can personalize all of them by modifying KPIs and widgets to suit the specific goals for your organization.

 Marketing Performance Dashboard

Best Digital Marketing Reporting Dashboards to Invest Your Money onA Marketing Performance Dashboard is intended to give a broad view of the whole conversion funnel. It displays the funnel to help marketers make informed decisions regarding conversions, revenue, and the causes of these conversions.

Each sale, website view, and victory has monetary worth, allowing marketers to evaluate campaign performance. KPIs and metrics like as return on marketing investment, goal fulfillment rate, online traffic, and purchase funnel are common features of a marketing performance dashboard.


General Marketing Dashboard

Best Digital Marketing Reporting Dashboards to Invest Your Money onA generic marketing dashboard template can offer you an insight into all of your business marketing techniques through one dashboard. If you don’t have any specific objectives you want to monitor or if you just want a fast review of all your marketing activities this can be your go to.


Digital Marketing Reporting Dashboard

Best Digital Marketing Reporting Dashboards to Invest Your Money onA digital marketing reporting dashboard may be utilized to assess the success of your company’s online marketing initiatives. This sort of dashboard allows you to track your marketing campaign and other digital marketing initiatives. It allows you to make informed decisions about how to spend your marketing money.

It is vital for digital marketers to track a huge variety of KPIs across several channels. The dashboard concentrates on lead generating data and showing performance toward goals and provides data for lead generation metrics and site analytics metrics.


 SEO Marketing Dashboard

Best Digital Marketing Reporting Dashboards to Invest Your Money onAn SEO analytics dashboard may be thought of as a one-stop source for most of your company’s web analytics data. It provides a complete picture of your SEO performance from a variety of perspectives through a number of indications.

An SEO dashboard may assist in identifying website regions that require improvement, top converting keywords, top-performing pages, and even more. The purpose of SEO, is to attract visitors to a website or specific web page through back-linking, internal linking, and keyword monitoring.


eCommerce Marketing Dashboard

Best Digital Marketing Reporting Dashboards to Invest Your Money onThis form of marketing dashboard serves as a central resource for data collection that affects your company’s daily operations, revenue, and, ultimately, strategic thinking. What is recorded on an eCommerce marketing dashboard is determined by what you want to do with the data.

The eCommerce marketing dashboard displays the data and key performance indicators that eCommerce site must monitor regularly. A few of the indicators you may watch with this form of marketing dashboard are conversion rates, traffic data sources, and more.

Amazon Marketing Dashboard

Best Digital Marketing Reporting Dashboards to Invest Your Money onIf you are using Amazon, Shopify to generate your digital sales, you may choose to create a dashboard focused only on data from that platform. Also, you can integrate a few data sources in case your marketing funnel extends beyond one platform.

PPC Marketing Dashboard

Best Digital Marketing Reporting Dashboards to Invest Your Money onA PPC marketing dashboard template will allow you to effortlessly track and find short-term outcomes from your pay-per-click advertising strategies. As a digital marketer, you almost certainly use various platforms to measure the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns. With this template, you can monitor each of them on a single dashboard. By splitting the data you’ve gathered by platform, you can simply integrate these KPIs on a PPC marketing dashboard.


Web Analytics Dashboard

Web Analytics DashboardA web analytics marketing dashboard analyzes website productivity in real-time. It assists you in monitoring how your website is performing in connection to your company goals. It focuses on a high-level, yet thorough, overview of your site’s performance throughout the time.

This dashboard allows you to measure data such as online sales, page views, and visitors to analyze the success of your website. Web analytics may be utilized in a variety of situations. Like eCommerce, consumer experience, SEO, social media, and online marketing.


Social Media Dashboard

When addressing social media marketing, it may be divided into two categories: organic results and paid platforms. The most important social media networks to mention in your analysis are LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

A social media marketing dashboard provides a visual representation of the relationship between social engagement and website performance. It allows you to assess the effectiveness of your various social media efforts.


Youtube Ads Dashboard

Youtube DashboardIf you need to monitor the success of a certain social media channel, the native dashboards may not be sufficient. In that instance, a channel-specific dashboard will come in handy. In this day and age of video content outburst, performance marketers have a scarcity of resources to evaluate massive data sets of YouTube videos.


Google Ads Campaign Dashboard

Google AdsThe Google Ads campaign marketing dashboard allows you to precisely monitor the ROI of Google Ads campaigns. Keep track of key performance indicators and analytics that impact them. Tracking return on investment is critical for every successful AdWords campaign to guarantee you’re paying the right amount of money to get leads.

Monitoring keyword rankings, customer targeting, and impressions will provide you with a better picture of the themes and keywords your PPC campaign should prioritize.


Email Marketing Dashboard

Email MarketingEmail marketing is one of the most powerful kinds of digital marketing because it helps you to engage instantly with your target audience. A change in choice or adjustment might have a major influence on your company’s reputation.

A dashboard for email marketing emphasizes the critical metrics that illustrate the ROI and success of your company’s email campaigns. You can continually enhance your campaigns by displaying stats in real-time.


CMO Marketing Dashboard

Best Digital Marketing Reporting Dashboards to Invest Your Money onThe CMO marketing dashboard provides an insight into your company’s marketing services. Services including, conversion tracking and website performance, as well as email marketing and social media.

Metrics from many sources are integrated to create a comprehensive view of your marketing success. It allows executives to monitor performance on a daily basis to make educated decisions regarding marketing efforts.


Enterprise Marketing Dashboard

Best Digital Marketing Reporting Dashboards to Invest Your Money onThe corporate marketing dashboard provides executives and managers with a quick visual depiction of key corporate data and KPIs. The enterprise dashboard often allows you to analyze and evaluate your organization’s performance across any department and sectors. It allows companies to be aware of any difficulties in real-time, and remain nimble.


Online Marketing Dashboard

Best Digital Marketing Reporting Dashboards to Invest Your Money onOnline marketing encompasses a wide range of channels. The dashboards intended to give marketers an elevated overview of key marketing platforms. Like, Email marketing, social networking, income creation, lead generation, digital advertising, and web analytics are among the channels covered in this dashboard.

Digital Marketing Reporting Dashboards: Why Use a Template?

You may not need to utilize all of these digital marketing reporting dashboard templates based on your business needs. However, having all of this data already arranged for you might make you save both time and money. Combine all of your marketing analytics into a single marketing efficiency dashboard, or create a separate digital marketing reporting dashboard for each of your digital marketing operations.


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