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Best marketing tools and techniques to thrive your business

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Marketing tools and techniques leveraged for social platform can not only be used for communication and socialization acts, but also it proves to be one of the creditable marketing strategies that capture the attention of individuals who are socializing or exchanging gigs over the internet.

A company or an enterprise can decide to come up with a social media account, like for example, a

Facebook account,

Twitter account,

then from the account, the enterprise will continue posting and tweeting the list of available products in their firm and the curious net citizens once logged into the social media channel through their account they will get to see the list of available commodities, and this will help drive customers to the enterprise.

Alternatively, the enterprise might also create a YouTube channel where and avail the list of lists of available commodities found within their enterprise.

We are living in a modernized and technological era and making your enterprise stand competitive against its opponents; if you try marketing your commodities via the online platform, then definitely your enterprise will outfit the list of other available enterprises.

The tools and techniques used for the Web marketing stands at the top.

Web marketing involves summing up and coming with a website that preaches and advertises the products that are offered by the business.

The business uploads the products they are selling on their website then the customers will browse through their website to check on the list of available products and send a possible purchase request to the business. this marketing strategy has fared excellently well and proven to be one of the marketing strategies.

A company like Amazon has greatly benefitted from this kind of marketing strategy.

Running adverts ads across the internet has become one of the common marketing technique. This involves making short but creative video adverts that commonly explain or give a person a clue of what is housed inside a company’s organization.

The technique aims to inflict curiosity on the group of online individuals.

Am I quite once, or several times you encountered cases of a video popping on your phone or computer screen, and you had not searched for it initially?

The bloggers use a very captive language and videos, and once the user clicks on the ads, a complete of what is housed inside the enterprise is displayed to them.

Tools and techniques for content marketing :

This marketing technique involves speaking or else storytelling more about a given firm.

The marketing technique aims at clarifying and speaking more about the products and services that are readily available in a given company, firm, or any other entity involved.

For instance, one might decide to hire sales and marketing individuals who will preach more about the business enterprise specifying of any possible profiting activities, bonuses available not forgetting mentioning about any success that has been attributed to enterprise to available customers.

Additionally, blogging which entails writing enticing and captive articles that explain more about your enterprise, helps a lot in driving customers to your firm.  

The tools involved in content marketing includes;

  • Grammarly

GrammarlyThis is a very important tool that you can’t simply avoid to miss out since it helps you eliminate grammatical and typing errors within a fraction of a second in your mentioned blog posts. The tool is used in combination with spell and definitely you will find this tool of great importance in your business.


  • Word press

This is another fantastic tool characterized by ease though it is reasonably priced but it is free for personal use.

  • Feedly

Feedly tool integrates with other tools such as the Trello and slack to help you search, organize and share the relevant information required.

  • Coschedule

The headlines that a content creator or an editor creates for a blog post plays in an important role in determining whether their specified blog post will be read or skipped, Coschedule helps you create very captive and catchy headlines for your blog post. 

The tool will provide suggestions for you to choose in between the strong words available.

  • Contently

Content writing for a business and enterprise could at sometimes become challenging especially in situations where lengthy content is required but with the help of contently, freelancers and editors are assured that they can come up with full-lengthy articles.

  • Clear voice

This is the most recommend tool for freelancers and any other kind of individual whom want to step into content marketing game since it helps you produce create professional work.

  • Wistia

This is a video editing tool best suitable for video marketing activities. The tool does not only offer you a place to host your videos but it also offers and automation and analytics activities.

Marketing tools and techniques for direct emails :

Direct EmailsThis marketing technique aims largely at attracting potential customers.

Most marketers consider this to be one of the excellent marketing techniques that helps and reminds potential customers of the existence and continued improvements reinforced in your company.

This method keeps the customers updated on any new products or techniques recently introduced in your firm and helps keep a close relationship amongst potential customers.

The tools involved in direct mailing marketing strategy includes the following;

  1. Hub spot

This is a full stuck software majorly designed for large enterprises and businesses. Most of its packages starts off at free

Its priced at $800/ month.

  1. Email on acid

This tool is made to test emails across the most well-known platforms, apps and devices so as to fix any possible kind errors before you hit send mail button.

  1. Litmus

Litmus tool is used to testing codes designed across different platforms to ensure that they are free from broken images and other failures associated with its use.

  1. Zapier

The tool allows one to connect their web apps for a much easier automation that will optimize excellently your processes and keep your business running on smoothly and efficiently.

  1. Mail chimp

This is the commonly used mailing marketing tool although CRM is not evident in the platform. it is a very fantastic tool for large enterprises that are not looking for CRM features.

  1. Infusion soft

This tool is priced at $999. It is an all in one CRM and sales and marketing automation tool and its major focus is on commerce.

Marketing tools and techniques for Analytics :

This set of Analytic tools play a major role in any company or organization.

Google Analytics, for example, helps you identify where customers are coming from, mostly in your site, alongside informing you the kind of content on your website that performs best.

It also tells you what kind of people are visiting your website and the kind of activities that occur when such visitors tour your site.

It is greatly advised for individuals who own a website to integrate their website with this google analytics and are guaranteed that this software configuration will excellently yield fruitful profits.

The tools used in analytic marketing includes:

  1. Crazy Egg

This is a very important tool that majorly focuses majorly on monitoring the activities that users are carrying out in your website for example; determining where they are scrolling, the links they are clicking on and similarly the ones that they are not clicking on too. also, it helps increase insights to your site

  1. Hot jar

Hot jar is very powerful research tool that helps determine customer experience and offer different fantastic features like for example heat maps, session replays alongside surveys.

The greatest advantage of the tool it’s that it is easy to install and goes for a very cheap price.

Additionally, it integrates with other tools like for example WordPress and unbounce.

  1. Google analytics

Google Analytics, is free service offered by google majorly designed to help truck and analyze customer data.

This is the most powerful and highly priced tool.

  1. Intercom

This analytics tool is designed to help determine out where customers are tripped up. It also sends the messages to help them tackle out their problems.

  1. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is an excellent tool that helps learn and discover the trending topics and content across different social media platforms.

Media monitoring tools and customer loyalty tools

Media monitoring tools can scan and track all possible relevant conversations about your company’s products that take place across the internet.

Customer loyalty tools are embedded by small firms and businesses to help keep and maintain the existence of available customers.

These programs are oriented in retaining the existing customers making them frequently visit your services and products.

Automation marketing strategy

Automation refers to the process of integrating software to automate the most and frequently occurring marketing tasks.

The marketing strategy aims at maximizing revenue and achieves this by integrating the customer relationship model as well as the customer data platform.

Marketers have found the tools quite effective since they help nature leads.

The tools aid in saving time wasted daily like, for example, saving files, and with the help of the software’s we get the tasks done more easily and efficiently.

Marketing tools and techniques for Search engine optimization :

This refers to a marketing technique that proves search engines to rank your website at the top in the list of available websites.

Search engine optimization refers to the process of increasing. This is a tool that many companies use to attract traffic to the website. Some of its benefits include;

  • It helps search for customers who are more interested in your products
  • Is cheap compared to compare to other software configurations
  • It involves continuously keeping pace with mobile and search engine optimization.

The tools required in this marketing strategy includes;

  • Spy fu

As the names suggests spy, the tool spy fu, is used for spying the progress of other enterprises, websites competitors.

It able to able to identify variations made by your competitor as well as truck the keywords bought on ad words.   

  • S.E.M Rush

S.E.M Rush helps you compare the domain of your enterprise.

It can help you pull out information from your competitors keyword. It also helps  you identify new competitors in the business.

  • Google Trends

The tool Google Trends, it’s amongst the incredible tools that an enterprise ought not to miss out since it helps you identify what is trending area. Also, it pulls out words searched in google.

It also lets you know the list of keywords searched the most in the internet.

  • MOZ

Moz will make your business more visible in the surrounding areas. Rather than, it greatly aids in S.E.O optimization.

  • Google ad words

This is a Google ad tool that avails the list of content your customers are searching across the web for them.

The content related to your business searched by your customers across the internet by your customers will be available to them more easily with the help of Google ad tool.

  • Yoast

This is the widely known tool in the SEO marketing strategy.

This tool comes along with powerful features like readability checker and keyword optimizer to optimize the content of your landing page to ensure that your site fairs on well.

Marketing tools and techniques for Scheduling tools:

  • Skype

Skype is much more tool useful for holding and conducting meetings over the internet.

It allows people from different areas and countries hold meetings over the internet without the need of Face to Face meeting.

  • Trello

This tool is best preferred by small business since its of use. The tool offers a free package to business enterprises.

  • Basecamp

Basecamp tool will help keep your team workers well organized. It will also help you track the progress of your activity and programs since the start up to the end of the work.

Also, the tool ensures also no daily activities that is left out unattended to.

  • Google drive

This tool helps different individuals share documents with different individuals and managerial teams thereby allowing for any possible revision and comments on different documents.

To get to have the tool its totally free of charge.

  • Free camp

Free camp has availability of free calendars that will help ensure that no important activity left out unattended.


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