Best Ways to Use Telegram for Marketing and Business [UPDATED]

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TELEGRAM MARKETINGTelegram marketing is a form of messaging service marketing in which a brand promotes through Telegram. You may use this platform to broaden your reach, increase sales, and assist clients in learning more about your service.

SERPs aren’t the only thing that matters in internet marketing. However, it is constantly necessary to seek new marketing channels and efficient technologies for online company promotion.

Social networks are receiving an increasing number of active users.

It’s no wonder that nearly every campaign has a business account on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

Almost all firms find telegram marketing and its relationship to business promotion difficult.

Contrary to popular opinion, adults and elderly individuals use social networks like Telegram. As a result, newbies are looking for alternate ways to reach their target demographic.

Many of them discover such chances through messengers, which are expanding even rapidly than social networks in the past.

Telegram is now one of the most quickly developing newbies, having already risen to the top of the leader board. Furthermore, Telegram marketing may be an effective way to advertise your company. There are millions of active Telegram users all around the world.


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What is Telegram?

TELEGRAM MARKETINGTelegram is a cloud-based messaging program that you can use on any device, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

It’s quick, safe, and completely free. It enables users to exchange text messages as well as exchange images, videos, and files.

You may also establish groups and channels to connect with your audience more effectively.

          Statistics of Telegram



  • There are about 400 million monthly active users.
  • Every day 1.5 million people are joining Telegram.
  • In Telegram, there are around 800,000 active bots.
  • Every day, 70 billion messages are transmitted over Telegram.
  • Telegram’s objective is to reach one billion users by 2022.


How to use Telegram?

To get started with Telegram, simply download the application to your preferred platform or use the browser app. Telegram is available on PCs and Macs, as well as iOS and Android smartphones.

You will need to log in with your mobile number after you’ve downloaded the app.

You may also use your phone to search for friends by connecting your contacts.

Join a public group when you’ve created an account to fully explore and discover how other individuals and brands use Telegram.

Here are a few channels you might want to check out: Work in progress (WIP) for software and product developers.  Mindful Makers are for the ones looking for inner serenity.

The primary instruments of Telegram Marketing Strategy are channels and groups on Telegram.

They assist in interacting with people on the messenger on several levels.

This one is important, while Telegram channels are a fantastic way to broadcast material, news, product overviews, testimonials, and valuable material.

Groups are a fantastic way to engage with people and communicate with them privately.


Benefits of Using Telegram

Many local companies now use messengers to contact their customers, collect orders, and respond to different queries, comments, and concerns.

One of the most significant advantages of such a communication tool is that it does not necessitate the involvement of a separate specialist: bots accomplish everything fast and with less effort.

Bots can not only provide users with information on the particular queries: they send videos, images, documents, receive and transfer payments, process your contact information for the most useful answers, etc.

The opportunities provided by the app are really wide, and companies that work with Telegram can propose their customers’ many benefits.

The key advantages proposed by Telegram are:

  • Concierge services
  • Increased traffic to the site
  • Individual help
  • Online buying
  • Team collaboration and cooperation
  • Real-time consultation
  • Updated information; product marketing


Creating a Telegram Marketing Strategy

To begin, you should be aware that no advertising is currently or will be presented on Telegram.

This is the stated policy of its founders, and it has already attracted a large number of admirers who have moved from other messengers to Telegram.

This provides you with an engaged audience that is aware of the latest internet trends. Many of them don’t want the old-fashioned annoying advertisement. These are customers that have previously declined to buy from your rivals that utilize sponsored advertisements.

You may entice them with your creativity and non-standard alternatives.

Make a channel


Starting a corporate channel is the greatest choice for businesses. It will allow you to create messages and send it to all your subscribers. With a limitless number of postings, you can quickly reach big audiences. The owner is the only one that can manage the channel. If you believe you will require assistance, add other admins from your team.






Public vs private channel


TELEGRAM MARKETINGYou can create a channel public or private when you launch it. The primary distinction is that in order to join a private channel, users must first obtain permission from the administrator. This offers you the option of selecting who you want to see in it. It is a fantastic answer to your problem if you want to post some special deals and updates about your business. Then it will be available exclusively to a restricted number of regular clients or newcomers.

However, for certain users, the inability to become acquainted with the sort of material published in a channel and public channels may be too significant. They will not be able to proceed. This is not a significant number of users, but some individuals are impatient with such things, so bear that in mind.

Telegram Bot

Telegram BotThis stage involves some programming abilities or the services of an expert with such knowledge.

Although, in the end, you will be pleased with the channel’s efficiency and the benefits it has over other channels. Telegram bot will extend your channel’s options for getting information, resolving different issues, and many more.

By incorporating these bots into your channel, you greatly decrease the chance of human error and the need to hire more managers, marketers, or helpers.

Many channels already have similar bots, so you may observe how they function and refine your version based on your observations.

Telegram has made the process of developing a bot as simple and straightforward as possible. You will progress through all steps through the Telegram interface with comprehensive guidelines that follow you at every step.

To begin working on your Telegram bot, add the Chatfuel bot and follow the on-screen instructions. If you are a programmer, you may go directly to the developers’ website and dig a little deeper into the procedure.

What exactly is a Telegram Marketing Channel?

Telegram Marketing ChannelTelegram channels are communities where you may share and promote your material. It’s comparable to a Facebook Group, except it’s not interactive.

Members may read, forward, and vote on articles, but they cannot comment on them. Texts, pictures, videos, audio files, documents, and links can be shared by channel owners.

One of the advantages of Telegram channels is there is no limit to the number of people who may join them.

For example, there is a restriction of 200 members in WhatsApp Groups. You may quickly have millions of followers on Telegram.

The most popular Telegram channels already have 4-5 million subscribers.


What exactly is a Telegram Marketing Group?

Telegram Marketing GroupTelegram Marketing groups are group conversations in which members may exchange information, videos, photos, and files with one another.

It’s an excellent tool for answering consumer inquiries, gathering feedback, and encouraging user-generated content.

Most firms employ a two- or three-sided strategy to digital Telegram Marketing.

They build Telegram channels to exchange information, groups to interact with consumers, and bots to automate communication and sales processes.

Both Telegram groups and channels are useful, but they are separate tools that you can use to achieve different purposes. Furthermore, a range of bots that anybody may create makes it easier to manage channels and groups.

Bots might assist with post scheduling, group chat moderating, sticker generation, and other tasks.


The Advantages of Telegram Channel Marketing


  • Global Mobile Market is shifting to Messengers


Chatting with friends or acquaintances, audio and video chatting, sharing files, interacting with businesses, transferring money, and purchasing items and services. Also, arranging meetings all in one app is becoming increasingly convenient for mobile users. Telegram, as the most adaptable messenger, may be at the forefront of this path.

  • Messenger App with the Highest Growth Rate

In the last five years, Telegram has grown at a fast pace. It will simply substitute WhatsApp in 5-10 years. This brings up new opportunities for Telegram marketing.

  • Telegram Marketing Channels have a Limitless Audience

While WhatsApp is the most popular messenger, its groups are still far from the user- and business-friendly. They set a restriction of 200 members per group.

WhatsApp, with an annual outreach of 10%, is not the greatest choice for bringing your business there. There are no restrictions on Telegram channels. You may simply reach 5 or 10 million people.

  • A Higher Rate of Engagement

The average view percentage for the Telegram channel is 20%. Whereas Instagram has a 3 percent average outreach rate and Facebook has a 4 percent average outreach rate.

Telegram is one of the greatest and most up-to-date ways to communicate with potential consumers.


  • Allows Brands to Assist Clients


This is where chatbots can help. A chatbot is an online helper that you may employ to automate routine activities.

Chatbots that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week can handle FAQs, orders, and customer consultations. As a result, your customer service staff will be able to focus on more complex issues. Users on Telegram may simply develop and distribute bots for free.

WhatsApp does not have a bot solution that works correctly. While Telegram is free and open-source, bots have become one of its most significant features.

  • Business Advertising Solutions

Because of the rapid expansion of the messenger, there are now chances to promote and advertise businesses on Telegram.

You may purchase Telegram subscribers for your channel or group. Receive free or paid advertising on many other channels, cross-promote, and broadcast links to special Telegram catalogs.

There are several online services and tools available to handle Telegram Marketing.

  • Segmentation of Users

While marketing your company on Telegram, you may target age, passions, and many more.

You can promote your services or products in IT-related Telegram channels and groups if you want a tech-savvy clientele.

  • Branded Stickers

Anyone may make free stickers on Telegram. It is a chance for businesses to advertise themselves by producing branded stickers and distributing them on channels and groups.

The better the quality of the stickers, the more likely they are to become popular. Among all tools, a sticker-making technique like this might have the greatest viral effect.

  • Ensures of privacy

In a period when private data may be easily stolen or hacked, Telegram offers one of the most secure systems.

Also, does not allow anybody neither large businesses nor government organizations access to messages.

The majority of smartphone users have already encountered this issue on Instagram and Facebook.

How to Promote Your Content Using Telegram Marketing Channels – Telegram Marketing Tips

Telegram Marketing GroupMessenger applications have acquired more subscribers in recent years than social networks.

Telegram is the newest messaging software that is rapidly gaining popularity on a global basis, with an emerging monthly rise in its user base.

Because of its popularity, marketers now have a new option for content spreading.

Telegram Marketing Tip#1

  • Content Promotion on Your Channels

The material is distributed via the app’s channels. To put it another way, a Telegram marketing channels is similar to a Facebook business or fan page.

This is where companies or people can exchange their material with their followers. Unlike Facebook, Telegram channels offer free instant messaging despite the quantity of shared material or the number of users.

Aside from quickly distributing material to an infinite number of subscribers, the app allows users to quickly track the number of visitors.

Each Telegram channel has its own public or private link. Anybody may use to join your channel and remain up to date on your shares.

Telegram Marketing Tip#2

  • Promote Your Content on Other Channels

In the instance of public channels, users can easily join the channel. But in private channels, the admin has the authority to choose the audience by approving or refusing user requests.

As a result, the private channel prohibits the disclosure of any classified or sensitive information.

With Facebook’s evolving News Feed algorithm, which reduces organic traffic of content, instant messaging gets a significant advantage.

However, this feature suggests that the material is generated in a more straightforward approach to the users, as opposed to the typical newsletter manner.

On the other side, Telegram channels have a Mute button for followers, making it critical to share valuable information with your audience.

You may share any sort of material using the app, from text and photos to audio and video postings. Because the majority of Telegram users use mobile devices, your material must be limited to 500 characters.

How to Start Your Own Telegram Marketing Channel?

When it comes to marketing, Telegram is a great application because of a helpful feature called the channel. It serves as an excellent tool for promoting a business, brand, product, service, or whatever else worth promoting.

When set up and managed properly, a channel may be a fantastic source of information, a useful research tool. It can be a dependable app that keeps you up to speed on the newest specials and discounts.

Connecting subscribers has never been easier, thanks to the app’s ability to deliver instant messages.

You can have up to 8 channels on your Telegram account. To guarantee that each channel grows gradually, select a simple, catchy name and a brief description of the channel.

Telegram channels enable users to exchange any sort of content with a large number of followers in real-time. Even though a single account allows you to establish up to 8 channels, each channel can only be controlled by its admin.

In addition, the admin can only authorize one co-administrator to handle the same channel. The information that has been circulated is, in reality, the administrator’s message, which has been posted under the channel’s name.

You can download Telegram Marketing Software on Desktop, and any smart phones.

  • Desktop User

Telegram MarketingMaking a channel is a very simple procedure that begins with clicking the “New channel” and “Create new channel” buttons.

Followed by entering the channel’s name, description, selecting the public or private option, and entering contacts.

The above-mentioned buttons are accessible depending on the operating system.



Telegram Marketing

  • Android Devices

You can access the buttons and launch a new channel on Android devices by opening the Telegram app and clicking the Pencil symbol.



  • iOS Devices

iOS deviceOpen the app on an iOS device, then select the “Chats” tab, then click the “New Message” button.

Open the Telegram program on a Mac device and select the “Burger” icon.




How is Telegram Marketing Software Supporting Businesses?

Say there are 100 million engaged users on Telegram. There is a good chance that some of your current and future clients are using it.

Unlike social networking sites, Telegram Marketing Software allows advertisers to engage their recipients in a two-way conversation.

  • Business to Customer

Telegram simplifies and accelerates customer assistance. Telegram covers everything from basic consumer concerns to particular order status and comprehensive support. The platform enables you to connect with your clients when they need you the most. Telegram Marketing is unmistakably assisting firms in the execution of numerous business models

  • Business to Business

Telegram allows small companies to connect with their business partners and suppliers. This two-way connection guarantees that messages are quickly receive, allowing for quicker decision-making.

All you have to do is form a business group and invite your business partners to join.

Ways to Boost the Growth of Your Channel

Telegram marketingGrowing a Telegram channel involves a combination of producing interesting material, distributing it regularly, and marketing the channel’s connection.

Before you begin, make sure you have a well-defined content plan in place and that you have previously uploaded some content on your channel. Also, if you’re stuck for ideas, here are some content marketing examples to get you started.


  • Make use of Social Media Platforms

Begin by Microblogging on your social media accounts and promoting it with Facebook advertisements. Another reliable Telegram Marketing Strategy is to include the channel’s URL on your website, contact us section, or landing page.

  • Make the Channel’s Link your Signature

Include your channels throughout your Multichannel Marketing content and components, such as your email signature, articles, and social media postings.

  • Make a Blog Post

Write posts about your channel and optimize them for both search engines and your target demographic. If visitors to your blog are pleased with the material, they will become subscribers to your channel. Add an info graphic to your blogs, because visuals boost your readers’ interest.

  • Look for Telegram Channel Directories

If your marketing budget is limited, you may rely on advertising through catalogs. They give free marketing for Telegram channels as long as you follow specific conditions. The @tgcat channel is a notable catalog.

  • Participate in Online Forums

Promote your channel on websites such as Quora and Reddit. Create posts and provide your channel’s link in the comments section of relevant ones. Well-known businesses are using Reddit to promote their products. You should leverage this effective advertising method to expand your channel.

  • Make use of Sponsored Advertising

Advertising from reliable sources will help your channel expand by raising awareness. All you have to do is look for high-traffic channels with comparable subjects. Contact their administrators, and pay to promote your channel inside their communities.

  • Do not Miss Out on Telegram Stickers

Choose to profit from the advantage of producing customized Telegram stickers in order to develop a channel or engage actual users. One can choose to design their own stickers with logos, avatars, and various slogans to promote the channel in a fun and appealing way.

The stickers will now be used by your subscribers. Given that Telegram has about 500,000 new members every day and over 70 billion messages exchanged. Think how much attention you might gain with an eye-catching sticker. Not to mention the fact that it is entirely free.

  • Reposting Content Relevant to your Community’s Interests

Any sort of material on issues of interest to your subscribers may spark debate and audience interaction. Sharing the most recent news on major topics may become a dependable Telegram Marketing Strategy for connecting subscribers with your channel’s advertised hobbies or company values.

  • Quality over Quantity

Sharing information too frequently may result in a decrease in the number of followers. This is a usual error made by new channels.

Because Telegram is an instant messaging service, receiving too many alerts from a channel might be irritating. As a result, prioritize quality material over quantity.

Effective Telegram Marketing Strategies

  • Telegram Content Promotion

The first thing that members notice about a channel is the high quality of its material. As a result, whether or not people stay on your channel is determined by the helpful material.

The more you expand your channel, the more potential clients you will attract.


  • Telegram Content Sharing

After generating amazing content to represent your business, it is important to share it so that it becomes viral.

We suggest sharing the information on other channels of social media, such as Instagram, Twitter, and your website.

Find a credible and related channel and share your material there.

  • Promoting on Popular Telegram Channels

You will be charged for the Telegram channels or any system that displays your Telegram advertising in this manner. Your ads will be broadcast on various channels for 1 or 2 hours. If you’re going to run a 12-hour ad, consider when the time of day you’ll run it. You have the option of doing it during the day or at night.

It is beneficial to your brand since these channels are extremely recognized.

Consumers easily accept the material provided by these channels, giving you particular credibility and having the same influence on your branding.

Because these channels have a large number of users, your advertising is seen by a diverse audience.

However, the price of this sort of ad is not apparent at all. There are various factors, such as the number of channel members, the content of the channel. Also, the volume of targeted advertising plays a role in deciding the cost.

  • Influencer Marketing

This is one of the most popular and efficient Telegram marketing strategies. It corresponds to a classic advertising concept. Since many users follow these influencers, and many users are drawn to them and the advertisements they post.

This is a gift for your brand and company. You may discover prominent individuals in your industry and send them your advertisements.

As you may be aware, this is the most expensive advertising strategy available on Telegram. To make your brand known, you must be willing to invest a lot of money. As a result, smaller companies should avoid launching this campaign.

  • Use Telegram Marketing Tools

This approach cannot be viewed directly as a promotional method because expanding your channel subscribers does not always imply boosting your sales.

Growing the number of channel members will help you sell and promote your channel significantly.

Once you create a channel for your company and create relevant, innovative, and useful material for your channel.

Telegram Marketing Tools allows you to run Telegram Group Campaigns, recruit Group Members, and remove Group Members from a specific Group for which you are an admin.

2 Ways of Telegram Advertising

  • Telegram View Advertising

Telegram View AdvertisingView advertising is one of the most significant and an effective technique for Telegram marketing. Since Telegram is fundamentally reliant on the number of views.

You must have passed information from one channel to your friend. In this scenario, you’ll see a little eye icon at the bottom of the article, along with a number. This number represents the number of individuals who’ve seen the post.

Viewing ads are those in which you place your advertisements across several channels. The networks that promote the advertisements often have moderate viewership.

You can locate many channels that are related to your area of interest and display your advertisements on those channels.

In this case, you pay according to the number of views you receive. In reality, all you need to do is get your advertising noticed, and you won’t have to spend anything more.

For example, if you promote in a newspaper, you don’t know how many people see your ad, but it’s a much targeted Telegram Marketing Strategy.

It makes no difference how much funds you have for promotion. Even if you have a smaller ad budget, you can use advertising since you can get as many views as you want. It gives you a lot of freedom. Billboard advertising, for example, is quite expensive. Using this approach, you can see exactly how many advertisements have already been viewed.

  • Telegram Marketing Based on Clicks

Telegram Marketing Based on ClicksThe other method of Telegram marketing is click-based advertising. This promotional strategy requires the use of Telegram market tools.

The click-through advertising strategy on Telegram is that you spend for your ads on channels related to your business. Then just pay for each click on your ads.

Telegram is fantastic since, as previously said, you pay for your ad cost, which is determined per click. However, be cautious about submitting your ad to a secured system.

If your ad is not thoroughly monitored, unrealistic clicks may be generated on it.

Click advertising is ideal for promoting a website or app. This sort of ad is typically not appropriate for boosting channel membership.

It is because clicking on the ad causes people to leave Telegram and return later. But it is extremely successful for advertising a website or presenting an application.

Final Thoughts

With more individuals seeking alternatives to Facebook-dominated social and chat platforms, Telegram’s popularity will only increase and expand.

Marketers will always trail the customer, and Telegram is one of the top candidates in this game; get in early to take advantage.

Telegram is a fantastic platform for growing your online company presence, client loyalty, traffic rates, and sales. Simply make an account, build a new channel, and share information with the audience.

Therefore, this messenger is ideal for starting various contests, answering inquiries, introducing new goods, sharing brand news, and shopping.

The app’s interface is as user-friendly as possible, so you should have no trouble using it. Even if you have no design or technical knowledge, you can still establish a channel with advanced choices.

It will provide more than your competition and increase your customer base from all over the world. Moreover, Telegram is a perfect opportunity to make your brand expand.


In sum: Using Telegram for marketing is actually fairly simple when you apply the above tips.

Take action right now, even if you don’t feel ready.

So get to it – you’re going to be glad you did!


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