Thepeoplesreviewer reviews the internet marketing products such as courses/software/tools/programs.

The goal behind running the Thepeoplesreviewer  is not to write  choosy articles full of affiliate links to squeeze every single opportunity to make money, but  to do  honest reviews of products, even if I have to buy the product from my pocket, or  I am not associated with the product as an affiliate.

That is why you will spot multiple articles with no affiliate links or direct landing pages of the products.

My audience should get a review that can allow them to make an informed decision to buy a product.

To the links for which I have given the affiliate links, there is no denying the fact that I have used those software extensively during  my entrepreneur journey or I use for my online business and have personally experienced the good, bad and the ugly.

The articles do contain the affiliate links of the products, that means that  if you make a purchase from a link, I may or may not make a small affiliate commission from that purchase. Without incurring any extra penny to you.

Last but not the least, you can buy any product I recommend from anywhere else, However, I would request that If you think that the article has given any value to you,  buy the product from my link, as  I re-invest the money into my blog to buy and test new courses/software/tools/programs which benefit you as a reader.

Above points make me very transparent with what I recommend.

I am reachable here.

Can’t wait much  to hear from you.