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YouTube is a place that drips and rains money, with more rain for those who know more than one way around that money tree. Enter the money class and I will tell you, if you don’t already know, about the YouTube partner program and Jordan Mackey’s YouTube Program – Tube Monetization and Automation.


Jordan Mackey’s YouTube Program - Tube Monetization and Automation
Jordan Mackey’s YouTube Program – Tube Monetization and Automation BYE 9 TO 5


Inside? Take a seat in haste and I will tell you three things.

  1. Open a YouTube Channel
  2. Grow your subscriber list to 1000
  3. Get them to watch 4000 hours of your content in 12 months


Congratulations, you are now officially eligible for admittance into the YouTube Partner Program. Once you get accepted, you can reach out and share in the massive payouts that keep leaving YouTube to various entities.

How? Simple! Video Ads are placed on your channel at different intervals (which you get to choose too). Any click on the ad or a 30-second transition through the ad by a viewer means the advertiser pays cash. That cash is what YouTube shares with you the channel owner.

I do not know a soul out there that would not wish to share in such income. Income, from one video, that can be earned for years on end and straight into infinity – passive income.

For as long as people are still watching, you will keep earning from the work you did once.

Food for thought

There are numerous people earning money while they sleep, I mean the money from YouTube. Money from simple video uploads. Why aren’t you?

You may be one of the countless people out there who do not believe it is even remotely possible to earn from YouTube but creative yet ordinary videos can earn you money, legally.

What you didn’t know

The very act of YouTube monetization is an art that needs to be learned before you can be seen anywhere near the money tree. Yes, you will have to put in the work before you are seen harvesting prime gold.

That is where several YouTube mastery courses come in. These learning aids are strewn all over the web and they aim to help any user to stay within YouTube law and terms of service, while also putting a few tricks up a user’s sleeve so they can excel above ordinary YouTube channel owners.

Taking its place among them is Jordan Mackey’s Tube Monetization and Automation. Its main promise is that it will help you build a sustainable YouTube channel that lasts beyond 2020.

If you are a channel owner who has faced demonetization or worse still, deletion, you will have to pay attention as Jordan Mackey gives you a solution with three case studies. The application of these techniques will counter any anti-monetization tendencies due to trial and error.

All your videos will thus be safe to monetize (in one or more of the 200 profitable niches he includes) and the channels themselves will last for years into the future.

Jordan who?

Let me officially introduce you to Jordan Mackey and automated YouTube Monetization. Jordan Mackey is the creator of Bye 9 to 5, the Tube Monetization and Automation program.

A detailed course that holds the hand of YouTube newbies and guides masters to unprecedented earnings. He initially created the course for people, like him, who quit their 9 to 5 jobs to make it big on YouTube using common videos.


Jordan Mackey’s YouTube Program - Tube Monetization and Automation
Jordan Mackey’ with his YouTube Play Button


Jordan Mackey has come up with several YouTube Monetization strategies that have generated six-figure incomes per annum. The remarkable thing is that he has achieved this feat from only three YouTube channels.

He currently has over 7000 enrolled students, 4000 members in the associated Facebook group, and three million channel subscribers as the icing on his success cake.

A fork in the road

Yes, everything was moving smoothly before YouTube raised several questions with its Partner Program changes. In brief, some videos would be looked upon more favourably than others. The criteria for monetization approval would be different too.

The answer? Jordan Mackey overhauled the Tube Monetization and Automation program to include all the new administrative addendum. This is what Jordan Mackey’s YouTube Program – Tube Monetization and Automation covers.

There was a lot of information that became outdated with these YouTube changes that an overhaul was totally necessary.

The revamped course modules, therefore, have been future-proofed against AdSense guidelines and policies. A user should therefore take comfort in the fact that every growth hack contained therein is up to date.

The course also aims to help anyone out to build a personal brand, a list channel, a combination channel, or a channel without showing their face/using their voice.


Jordan Mackey’s YouTube Program - Tube Monetization and Automation Review
Jordan Mackey’s YouTube Program – Tube Monetization and Automation (What you don’t need)


Let’s dive in and see if the course lives up to our statistical expectations.

Jordan Mackey’s YouTube Program – Tube Monetization and Automation dissected

The course comes in 20 modules that focus on monetizing your YouTube channel as fast as possible upon creation.

‘How does the course do that?’ You may wonder. Below is an insight into Jordan Mackey’s revamped program. Yes, he has made massive changes to the old course to include new:

  1. Algorithm hacks for growing your channel


  1. Time-tested strategies for going viral


  1. Research-based niche ideas


  1. YouTube Affiliate marketing tactics plus affiliate marketing networks


  1. High ticket offers


  1. Affiliate marketing on and off YouTube


  1. Secrets that get people clicking on your links


  1. The high impact 5-10 minute process he uses to identify high volume yet low competition keywords (inclusive of CPM based keywords which could mean doubling potential income)


  1. The procedure for generating topic ideas for your videos (you will write 50 plus)


  1. Video analytics backed by a case study that produced $2000 results in under 3 days.


  1. A caption and subtitle strategy that ensures your videos rank in a process that lasts a mere 10 minutes yet garners thousands of dollars with every type of YouTube channel it is applied to.


This course will be a step by step walkthrough library of information. You will get to:

  • Start your channel from the ground up


  • Accelerate their periodic growth


  • Monetize your channels to unprecedented profit levels


  • Scale these channels to infinity


All these strategies and growth hacks are backed by thorough research that has helped Jordan Mackey make six figures in his YouTube business.

With a glimpse of his exact niches and the three channels he has used to build his monetary foundation, Jordan Mackey offers a blueprint that a user can adopt as his own and become a success the same way too.

The course has numerous testimonies that provide backup evidence since his students have channels that are successful too.

Jordan Mackey’s YouTube Program - Tube Monetization and Automation Review
Tube Monetization and Automation Review


The course is available for a one-time payment of $375 that gets you immediate access, links and all.

Its several modules have been remodeled based on YouTube growth prerequisites. The modules are, therefore, broken down as below.

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Jordan Mackey’s YouTube Program – Tube Monetization and Automation Curriculum

Module 1: Course Overview

The introduction will unveil who Jordan Mackey is and how he started, up to where he is right now. He will also provide a personal email where you can contact him.

The major focus will be an overview of the four YouTube strategies that you will learn. When you get to know how the course functions, it will be alongside how the YouTube process works.

You will be on the same page with Jordan Mackey before you embark on the YouTube money journey. Access to the private Facebook community comes as a bonus.


Jordan Mackey’s YouTube Program - Tube Monetization and Automation Community
Jordan Mackey’s YouTube Program – Tube Monetization and Automation Community

Module 2: Choosing your niche

The formula here is chronological and in the end, you will have a niche chosen out. Its main secret is how much a channel, based on niche, earns you per 1000 views.

Module 3: Basics of YouTube

This section helps both newbies and the old guard pick up on ideas which they had no idea about. From the YouTube channel set up to the dashboard, Google AdSense and Analytics, it will blow your mind.

Module 4:  Monetization Review; Passing this process

Living testimonies show that this module has produced very fast results. Yes, channel owners who used it monetized their YouTube channels in under two weeks.

Module 5: Monetization Instantly

When you apply the ingredients from this section, the review process is as good as skipped. Your channel will be monetized instantly.

Module 6: Topic Research for Videos

If you struggle with the inability to create video content, this is the module for you. The step by step keyword process contained herein will leave you filled with endless ideas.

At the end of it all, you will be able to consistently target high traffic and low competition keywords in your niche. Your earnings will skyrocket thereafter.

Module 7: Creating and Editing Videos

Have you ever wondered where you could get royalty-free and stock footage? This module dives into getting freebies and turning them into a money machine.

You won’t have to go searching for the amazing software out there since this section will guide you. You will get to take advantage of the ready scripts and templates for both list-based and personal brand channels.

Module 8: Secrets (SEO) for going viral

SEO is fundamental to your content being discovered on the internet. This applies to getting YouTube views as well.

This module will reveal 7 hacks that will make your videos viral.  It provides in-depth coverage on titles, tags, and what makes a high click-through thumbnail.

Module 9: Techniques of Advanced Monetization

Effective Ad placement is as important to earning on YouTube as the channel numbers themselves.

The bonus is that the module unveils a channel translation technique that no one ever talks about.

Module 10: Case studies on three niches

Here, you will learn about the ins of the three niches that Jordan Mackey used to unlock success.

Standing above all modules as the most thought-provoking, this section lays claim to being number one among all YouTube monetization modules.

Module 11: Automation after Outsourcing

In this section, you will learn how to outsource parts of your monetization processes at a pocket-friendly cost.

This is a very good way to earn all the cash, with way less work.

Module 12: Introduction to YouTube Affiliate Marketing

What many do not know is that Affiliate Marketing, when done right, is much more lucrative than advertising itself.

Its main advantage is that you can start earning from the get-go. All the bureaucracy is cut back. The module goes further by teaching you how to build entire subscription lists with a view to affiliate marketing only.

Sell products and promote high ticket offers, all while comfortably collecting the buck.

Module 13: Affiliate Marketing Networks

This segment is dedicated to letting you in on the secret of how to join (and be accepted into) affiliate marketing networks where you will earn massive commissions.

The plus side is that you won’t hustle to find these products at all since you will be pointed in the right direction. There are hundreds of worthwhile products to build your business in the niche of your choice.

Module 14: Strategies for Affiliate Marketing

This subdivision expounds on the Affiliate Marketing strategies and how each can be implemented to earn you money on YouTube.

Module 15: Channel Affiliate Marketing

You will unearth valuable resources that are necessary when creating affiliate marketing videos. Link shorteners and link placement to maximize conversions.

Module 16: High Ticket offers

This module draws the line between wasting your effort on a cheap product and reaping maximum benefit from another high commission product with the same effort.

Some commissions pay monthly for one previous sale, dedication to high commissions.

Module 17: Affiliate Marketing strategies off YouTube

Think about landing on strategies that earn you income in affiliate marketing, even when you are not on YouTube. You can use this section to earn commissions on other platforms like Facebook, and Instagram as well.

Module 18: Affiliate Marketing Mindset

This is more of a bonus section that will build trust and loyalty, enough to earn you some future income when you endorse other products.

Module 19: Resources for Affiliate Marketing

Here, you will learn how to differentiate between the affiliate marketing resources that you need and those that you don’t. These will help you create exceptional videos and product offers, all affiliate marketing based.

Module 20: Conclusion

Now that you have all the knowledge to become a sensation, it is time to implement it all. This is where the Facebook group will come into play as it has many members at the same stage that you are on.

All your questions and concerns will be put to rest when you reach out.

Now that you have a glimpse of what is contained in the Tube Monetization and Automation program, you have power in your hands, use it. ‘For all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are; It might have been.’ – John Greenleaf Whittier

Yes, it might have been you earning six figures. While you are at it, you may take advantage of the inclusive bonuses that have:

  • Mastermind Webinar replays


  • Affiliate Marketing Income Exploder


  • Shopify Dropshipping Masterclass


  • Personal Branding Masterclass

Take advantage now and get earning now!  

Try Tube Monetization and Automation  Here

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