Top 3 Best Automated Email Response Services | Nov 2020 Review

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Top 3 Best Automated Email Response ServicesEmail marketing is an essential component of every digital marketing strategy and one of the cheapest and most efficient ways to spread your message. Find the best automated email response provider becomes crucial as creating a mailing list is one part of the process. Whether you’re a small business owner, an entrepreneur, or an influencer, you can build a great email list.

These automated email services provide you with a lot of new options to communicate with your consumers and subscribers at different stages of the campaign.

There are several automated email response  service providers and platforms that can help you effectively build your email list. Selecting the best  automated email services for your business depends on your purpose. A few reasons why you may want to subscribe to these services are:

  • When you intend to start building an email list


  • When you have already built an email list and want to automate the emails


  • In case you are thinking of changing email platforms


  • In case you intend to do affiliate marketing


Most of these automated email marketing services come with and can create:

  1. Opt-in Form Features
  2. Subscription Forms
  3. Dynamic Content
  4. Email Segmentation
  5. Split Testing


This article is therefore a curated list of the best  automated email services or platforms that you can use. I have personally used a few of them.

The article though does not go in-depth in terms of the features and benefits of each. It also does not cover every single tool that each service or platform offers.  So this will not be a complete review of each platform but what I would recommend to you.

For a detailed review, refer to the blogs out there. The email platforms that we will look at include:

Active Campaign

Active Campaign is one of the more professional email platforms.  It comes with four different subscription plans that you can choose from. There is also an option of upgrading when the need arises as your subscription list grows.

The Lite plan is the first option and has the least number of features. It can be used independently. If you intend to integrate Active Campaign into some sort of membership site, you have to upgrade your subscription.

The integration feature is available with the subsequent subscription plans which include; the Plus, Professional, and finally, the Enterprise plan.

Worth mentioning here is their acceptable use policy; that is, what is acceptable and the types of services or products you can sell when sending campaigns through Active Campaign.

Active Campaign doesn’t allow Affiliate Marketing or any get-rich-quick schemes in addition to things like multi-level marketing. Therefore, if you are in any of these businesses, don’t use Active Campaign.

There is no point building your email list on a platform that may close your account for one of the above reasons without even allowing you to export your leads if that happens.

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Get Response

Get Response is one of the platforms or automated email response provider that have been around for years. The thing with Get Response is that there’s nothing mentioned on whether they accept or prohibit what is in the aforementioned category.

It has most of the features of all the other email platforms such as context scoring and tagging. One of its other features that are more lovable is the Opt-in form builder that you can use with its easy drag and drop elements, fields, and buttons. You can therefore create your opt-in forms for your website.

Get Response is made for online marketers or marketers in general. It offers not just email marketing but also has provisions for webinars, webinar funnels and sales funnel builders.

These extras are features that you should not focus on. Yes, they are additions that you might like but it is better to just focus on the email side of the service. If you’re looking for a webinar platform, Get Response is not the best as there are many out there that specialize in webinars.

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AWeber is probably the most popular email marketing platform or automated email response service provider in the internet space. It has been around for more than 20 years and is still going strong by the look of things.

When you look at their terms of use, there is nothing mentioned on affiliate marketing and the likes. As it stands, we cannot know whether they are acceptable or not.

With Aweber, you can do segmentation, create signup forms, and of course do integrations with many other services.

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Below is how much it’s going to cost you every month for a list of a thousand subscribers or a thousand contacts in your email list:

  • Active Campaign; For monthly billing

    automated email response


 For annual billing

best automated email service


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  • Get Response; For monthly billing

    Get Response; For monthly billing

For annual billing

best automated email service
GetResponse Pricing


For 2 years

best automated email service


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  • AWeber; For monthly billing

AWeber; For monthly billing

For annual billing 

automated email response

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After our review on best  automated email services. We recommend you not rely on a platform just because you like their service currently. If you’re just starting, choose depending on your intention and what you plan on doing in your business.

If you are going to do affiliate marketing or to promote products and services, then consider using either AWeber or Get Response. Between the two, Get Response can be a good beginning.

It starts at $15 per month for their basic plan for a thousand contacts. AWeber on the other hand is at $29 per month for the same number of contacts.

If you are not planning on doing any affiliate marketing, consider using Active Campaign. It is free for up to 2,000 subscribers.  It also allows you to learn email marketing. You can send out broadcasts, create follow-up messages, and build your email lists overall.

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