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Top 5 Freelancing Trends: What To Expect in 2023

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The freelancing Industry has projected itself in a positive trend that is in the aspect of numbers.

We have witnessed great evolution and development in the Industry in the recent years and it is still poised to evolving more.

Some of the projected trends are in the following aspects:

  1. More people engaging in freelancing

work as a freelancerIt is expected that the number of people engaging in freelancing services will rise in the upcoming years.

This is not only the freelancers but also those in need for the freelancing services. This is majorly attributed to the positive turnaround in the quality of services rendered.

It has also been attributed to the desire by many people and businesses to shift from traditional office working thus saving a lot on space, finances and time.

It is expected that the number of freelancers will grow from the current 1.6 billion worldwide to over 2 billion in the next five to ten years.


  1. Increase in freelancing sites

17 BEST Fiverr AlternativesThe freelancing market has experienced great influx in the number and popularity of freelancing sites.

Some ten years ago, the world had less than 100 freelancing sites. The number is projected to have gone up by more than 500% in the recent years. However, the peak hasn’t been reached yet  as there are more new freelancing sites coming up to the market each day.

The freelancing market has been booming thus catching the interest of many investors. We should expect the number to rise and the competition among freelancing sites’ services to get more stiff as years flow.


  1. Great evolution in freelancing payment channels and services

The freelancing Industry has witnessed great evolution in it’s payment channels and services.

This has been done to cushion and protect both the freelancers and their clients. Over the last years more than 50% of freelancers in the market have seen their services go unpaid.

It is  in this concern that freelancing sites have worked to develop payment channels and procedures that protect both parties in their engagement.

An example is Upwork who have a tool called escrow that ensures that a client funds his/ her contract beforehand and thus keeping the funds safe for both the freelancer and client.

As time goes by, we will witness more evolution in this aspect as freelancing sites are working to improve the experiences of both their freelancers and clients.

  1. Growth in specialization

10 Tips Before Starting Work as a FreelancerField specialization has been another evolving dynamic in the freelancing market. This specialization encompasses the freelancers, the employers and at a higher degree freelancing sites.

Some years ago skill specialization wasn’t key for freelancers and even the freelancing sites.

However, we have seen great evolution in this aspect as freelancers are now specializing in specific skills.

We have also seen freelancing sites specializing in specific services eg. Designhill and 99designs are freelancing sites that offer access to website design and other related services.

Other general sites that offer access to a wide variety of services have now began offering freelancers the chance to create specialized profiles in regard to their skill specialization.


  1. Business embracing freelancing more


virtual assistantMany businesses have had their interest and faith in freelancing market and services grow over time. This is based on factors such as profitability, flexibility and quality.

Business have realized that hiring freelancers is a lot more profitable than getting permanent employees.

They have also found out that it’s more flexible as freelancers will only be hired when necessary and the freelancing market gives them the chance to hire and only pay for the quality they desire.

These perspectives have overhauled the dynamics of the freelance industry. It is projected that more and more business will turn to the freelancing market in the upcoming years .



People’s daily life experience is constantly affecting their beliefs on freelancing. The evolution and development that we have witnessed in the freelancing Industry and that which we are yet to witness is based on these experiences.

We should hereby expect a lot more as time goes by.

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