Tube Mastery and Monetization Vs Tube Monetization and Automation

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The article contains the review comparison of Tube Mastery and Monetization Vs Tube Monetization and Automation. Many courses have sprung up over the internet, with claims of being able to help you achieve great feats.

This trend has not left the subject of YouTube channel growth and monetization uncovered. You don’t have to go far before landing on a tutorial that promises 7th heaven.

So much so that you may wonder how you can even begin choosing which course to buy and which teacher to subscribe to.

Many, even when they can barely put together the resources, go on a trial and error run in hopes of finding that mysterious jam. This search usually entangles them in a web of lies that eventually unwraps unto futility.

Frustration leads many into giving up. ‘Cut the talk!’ You say, and wonder how you will avoid these same pitfalls. Read on.

Below, we will look at two courses that have laid claim to being worth notice when looking towards monetizing your YouTube channel. Matt Par and Jordan Mackey take opposite corners in our YouTube monetization ring.

Tube Monetization and Automation vs. Tube Mastery and Monetization: Which is better?

Pros of the Tube Mastery and Monetization (TMM) course

  1. The course shows a detailed way of how to make money on YouTube. All of this is presented in a chronological way that any user will be able to take advantage of.


  1. The course helps a channel owner outsource time-consuming processes so more time is devoted to YouTube channel growth.


  1. The strategies can be applied to more than one channel so a user rips more benefits with the same resources.


  1. The guide to choosing a profitable niche is a key highlight that any user will find most helpful.


  1. TMM works well for both newbies and those with experience in using YouTube as a potential source of income.


  1. TMM has an entire sub-course that teaches users how to write profitable video scripts. That an entire business can be scaled on that alone is worth noticing.


  1. The course offers guidance on how to make more money after the income from ads has been secured. From affiliate marketing to Merch selling and managing YouTube.


  1. The module also offers help on scaling your channel and eventually outsourcing it. It also explores the option of running YouTube channels as a day job.


  1. The course has bonus modules that help with video thumbnails and visibility through SEO


  1. The fact that the course offers flexible payment plans that cater to different income levels shows that the owner genuinely wants to help everyone succeed too.


  1. The aftersales support group is a plus that needs due credit as anyone losing track can always be helped to find their way again.


  1. The 60-day money-back guarantee ensures someone does not take the risk without seeing the possible benefits that should have been seen in that period.


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Pros of the Tube Monetization & Automation program

  1. The course covers algorithm hacks for YouTube channel growth from the creation stage to scaling.


  1. Tube Monetization & Automation program has tried and tested strategies that help anyone’s videos go viral in the modern age.


  1. The course provides insights into choosing niches from which money can be earned and all this is backed by research.


  1. The course has a 60-day money-back guarantee that helps in case a user does not like it and changes their mind.


  1. The aftersales support group is a plus that needs due credit as anyone lost and in doubt can be helped to find answers once again.


  1. The course provides a beginner’s guide to affiliate marketing and goes on to include the associated networks that a user can join to prosper.


  1. The course has several high ticket offers that maximize gains from any applied efforts.


  1. Tube Monetization & Automation program offers guidance on how to create highly magnetic links that will get people clicking – conversion.


  1. The channel translation technique is a good one to possess as a channel owner and could lead to more earnings.

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Cons of the Tube Mastery and Monetization (TMM) course

  1. Some information, being basic like how to upload a YouTube video, is unnecessary.
  2. The price may be over the roof for certain income brackets yet the benefit could have been universal.
  3. Some parts of the course offer information that can be attained freely through research.
  4. Proof of the success of course’s users is a bit scarce on other internet sources that are independent of TMM.
  5. Some of the methods discussed are not unique if you research for a time on the internet.
  6. The course could have been packed with more details to make it more worthwhile, in terms of price.

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Cons of the Tube Monetization & Automation program

  1. The most obvious and frustrating downside of this course is its repetitive nature. Module 12 through 19 is just a representation of a failed attempt at adding significant detail. These modules all talk about affiliate marketing which Matt Par covers in one module.
  2. The price is over the roof for some people who will not afford the course however much the desire  for it is there.
  3. The one-time payment option that offers no flexibility could be a turn-off and Jordan Mackey could lose out on potential subscribers who would have joined had the options been a bit more pocket friendly.
  4. Learning the skill of video scriptwriting is a much better offering, which Matt Par does when compared to offering templates to a user (Jordan Mackey’s strategy) that they have to depend on.
  5. Evidence of success, independent of Jordan Mackey’s website, of the program’s users, is hard to come by.
  6. The course could have been packed with more details to meet its price, instead of packing it with many modules that are the same thing spread over a few titles.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Try Tube Monetization and Automation  Here



The Tube Mastery and Monetization course by Matt Par comes at the cost of $597 which is a one-time payment that saves any buyer at least $200. This option is the most popular, according to a survey that covered people who had purchased the course.

In the spirit of inclusivity, Matt Par provides a second purchase option for those who either prefer testing the waters first or would be more comfortable stepping up gradually.

This second option is based on 3 equal installments that are divided into $266 each.  All the mentioned payment options are available via secure platforms.

The leverage a buyer has is that there is a 60-day money-back guarantee in case the expected satisfaction is not derived from the application of the course.

It all looks like a win-win situation from the onset and onward as the new student smiles to the bank.

Jordan Mackey’s Tube Monetization and Automation, on the other hand, comes at a more pocket friendlier $375 that gets you access to the full course.


If you are to look at it from the price side of things, the $266 installment option offered by Matt Par is just $109 shy of the $375 price which is the full amount required to get the whole course from Jordan Mackey.

A buyer would save a massive $222 if they chose to purchase the latter course instead of the former. Though it must be said that quality should prevail in the face of quantity so other factors have to be taken into consideration as well.

To do this, that is if you are considering whether to go the Matt Par or Jordan Mackey way, you will need to consider both sides of the coin; taking in the pros and weighing them up against the cons.

Having accurately analyzed and considered both options with great attention, you as the buyer can proceed to make your choice.


When it comes down to a choice between the two, it is easy to conclude that Matt Par’s course deserves a subscription despite its higher price.

Though on further retrospection, perhaps this is because Matt Par is likely a better salesman. This can be derived from how he packaged his course more appealingly than Jordan Mackey’s.

From the mere look of things, it is easy to choose Matt Par’s course due to his age as well as young people who excel usually find it easier to impress the public.

Upon deeper analysis of the two courses though, using the modules alone for reference, TMM will show clear advantages that anyone can not afford to miss out on.

Matt Par may therefore get the nod ahead of Jordan Mackey. In conclusion, it is best to be keen before choosing any of the two courses. Let your discernment prevail since you, depending on who you are, may only get one chance to make a lifetime of YouTube earnings.

The ball is officially in your court at this juncture. Do the right thing.



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