ySense Review | What you should know before earning online

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ySense Review - Portal
ySense Review – Portal


If you are looking to earn some side income on the internet, you are likely wary of online scams and clickbait. Many websites will promise heaven and earth yet they will eventually prove to be full of hot air when given some scrutiny. The article contains a comprehensive review of ySense.

Your persistent search has likely brought you to ySense and the question of whether it is a scam or not now looms large on your mind.

Below, I will show you if it is possible to earn money from participating in online surveys and performing tasks, among other things. I will also show you whether ySense is the platform for you in your journey to legitimately get paid. Paid enough to quit your 9 to 5 job.

This article is therefore packed with enough information to ensure you are not second-guessing yourself before choosing whether you should join or not.  The review is long enough to give you the perfect understanding of ySense as a survey taking platform.

ySense review in the actual sense

According to its website ysense.com, ySense is an ‘online rewards website for those looking to earn extra money from all over the world.’

ySense, previously known as ClixSense, is a “Get-Paid-To’ (GTP) site that (as you hear it) pays people to perform a few tasks online. These tasks are mostly market research-based and people from different backgrounds the world over can join.

This way, consumers and ySense participants can give critical feedback that helps companies take steps in the right direction when evolving their business models to meet the ever-changing market dynamics.


Is ySense one of the online scams?

ySense has been around as ClixSense since 2007. It was a Paid-To-Click (PTC) site before they rebranded to ySense in 2019. As of late, ySense no longer does PTC and they are only recognized for their online surveys.

The changes came when ClixSense got rid of its PTC side in 2017, among other things, moving on without those facets. This in itself was a message to its users that the platform will keep evolving to meet its maximum potential.

With a couple of more features and services, they genuinely reward people who join and participate in surveys. These services stayed the same after the rebrand though there were many other notable improvements.

ySense is a member of the Prodege (formerly Prodege LLC) group which includes other respectable brands such as Swag Bucks.

Since both ClixSense and Prodege are legitimate, it is safe to say that ySense is legitimate too. I clicked through the site and was immediately paid just for filling out the post-sign-up form, with the money reflecting instantly.

So we can conclude that once you have the time (indicated on each survey) to complete any survey you qualify for, you will make some money.

Now that we have established that ySense is not a scam, it is a good idea to compare the site to other survey sites before concluding on whether it is the survey site for you.

ySense review for its services

ySense has put the power into the hands of ordinary everyday people who have the desire to earn some extra income from the comfort of their homes. It grants cash rewards to those people when they participate in and complete surveys or tasks on its website.

Most sites will be limited in the ways a user can earn money, but not ySense which provides more than one way. Below is a coverage of the different cash sources that anyone who happens to join can take advantage of.


ySense, as a survey site, collaborates with many of the largest market research firms to avail a wide range of surveys to its users. These surveys grant key insight to these research firms which they eventually report back to their employers that are other companies the world over.

These companies want this insight so as they have a headstart in the ever-changing market and economy.

When you have a glimpse of how the minds of your target audiences operate, you can avoid costly mistakes that have not only led to companies missing out on massive profit opportunities but also total bankruptcy and closure.

Some notable examples are companies that failed to evolve with market needs and the times. Most paid the maximum price while the remaining ones are fighting for dear life. The ones in the first category include:

  • Blackberry


  • Blockbuster


  • Kodak

While the latter include:

  • Nokia


  • The whole newspaper industry at large


  • The rudimentary taxi business
Ysense review - A glimpse of companies that are losing grip on the ever-evolving market
A glimpse of companies that are losing grip on the ever-evolving market


Surveys are therefore very critical to how long a business will last and planners need to be aware of what their users want before drawing market strategies.

Survey sites like ySense are in turn, a critical part of this equation and we will be seeing them for a very long time into the future.

Surveys and Survey routers on ySense are present daily alongside new offers from which users can earn.

Ysense Review - ySense snapshot showing surveys and their subsequent cash rewards
ySense snapshot showing surveys and their subsequent cash rewards


YSense Account

The first step before earning is completing your profile though you should do this with total honesty such that you are easily matched with relevant surveys and earning opportunities do not pass you by.

ySense takes record of your short bio with the intent of pairing you with the most relevant surveys that you will get to subsequently earn from. You must know beforehand, that you will not qualify for all the surveys on the site.

This applies to all survey sites which sieve you out based on your area of origin, age, or other factors. By continually checking, you will find that different surveys will be available to you. The bonus is that the ySense surveys are better paying when compared to most survey sites out there.

From there on, all you need do is check back on your dashboard regularly and surveys will be on display as they become available. Any that you’re interested in will take you, through links, to the survey questions after a series of pre-qualification questions.

These questions further scrutinize you to ensure you are in the position to give answers that are relevant to a survey’s particular purpose.

Sometimes, you may be ‘disqualified’ from taking the subsequent survey questions in case you turn out a mismatch for that survey (no payment). Honesty is fundamental when you answering as it is tied down to how often you will qualify for given surveys.

Not being able to complete a survey is not a sign of any wrongdoing but an indication of you falling outside the demography of targeted consumers of that survey.


A clear example is that you will never find a Maserati being advertised to High School kids so you will not find any survey on the topic seeking their opinion. With that said, deliberate lying and aimless clicking around is intolerable. Avoid it as it is surely going to lead you to an indefinite suspension.

With time, it will become clear what type of surveys you usually qualify for and this will save you a lot of time. You can also take advantage of the routers that ySense collaborates with to provide you with additional opportunities.

It is worth noting that the latter needs more patience before you land any opportunities in the surveys you qualify for.

Keep an eye out for the goodies from the Offers section on ySense, as they are more plentiful than surveys and we will discuss them next.

Ysense review for its offers

ySense offers typically consist of product or service tests, watching videos, signing up to sites, and downloading apps among others. These offers come from its partners and are updated from time to time. Compared to other survey sites, ySense provides multiple offer walls that are some of the best out there.

Any available offers are always displayed on your accounts page. Provided you qualify, which should not be news to you by now, you can complete as many of these as you like.

Ysense Review - Offers
Ysense Review – Offers


The rates of payment vary from task to task and there is no set standard. Expect anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars for each task. A basic understanding of the survey conditions before taking it will tell you how much the pay will be.

This payout difference will depend on the associated company and survey type. Offers can be a wonderful addition to your earning portfolio and while some will have less reward, some others will have huge payouts. It is thus worth checking the site regularly such that you do not miss out.

Surveys that are generic and target large bases of consumers usually do not pay that much when compared to specialized surveys from relatively micro industries.

For example, a plumbing equipment supply company carrying out research will target plumbers and related professionals. This sample space is small since it is a specialized field and the surveys will pay higher as fewer people qualify.

If it is a general population survey targeting any human on earth, the payment will be very meager. There are humans everywhere, apart from Mars.

Try ySense for free

 Key Take home

It is important to note that understanding the conditions for participating in a particular offer you may be interested in is key. Understanding will help you know what is required of you before you participate.

Some offers will have simple conditions and will be a smooth ride while others will need to be passed over as they are not that great. Determine which one falls in which category.

ySense review for its tasks

Previously known as CrowdFlower and Figure Eight, Appen tasks are updated nearly daily and are accessed through your accounts page. The tasks are internet research-based work that involves confirming information from a given website and other simple online errands. The errand will sometimes stretch as far as categorizing different images as instructed.

Some tasks can be completed more than once so you will be able to earn repeatedly from the same task. You will always be notified if this has a possibility of happening on any task.

Sometimes, ySense will first train you before you become eligible to earn from a certain task. Upon evaluation and eligibility, the task will then be availed instantly.

The payout on tasks will depend on how difficult that task is and the number of people who have the qualifications to do that task. At the start, the payout may seem insignificant though the tasks are still worth completing since they take very little time.

Longer tasks will therefore pay better and as you build trust by accomplishing more tasks, the opportunities available to you will not only increase but will also have higher pay.

Once you earn $50 worth of completed tasks, ySense gives you a generous $5 bonus. Speaking of bonuses, there is more money to be earned through their weekly contests and checklist bonuses.

Whereas surveys and offers may limit would-be participants from some countries, tasks have greater coverage to people from diverse backgrounds.

Tasks Weekly Contests

You, as a member, can be rewarded weekly through contests which run seven days a week. The rewards will be chronological in regards to worker/member excellence.

The best member will earn a $50 bonus, the second-best will earn a $20 bonus while the third will earn a $10 reward and so forth. Weekly, the best ten people are rewarded with bonuses which total to a giveaway of $100.

Daily Checklist Bonus

The ySense daily checklist is a guide to the potential earnings that are up for grabs on the site every day. If you are interested in earning consistently on the site, you have to stay active such that you can cash in on these daily bonuses.

Completion of this checklist will mean up to 16% additional earnings on your account. The daily checklist bonus in itself is 12% which begets the possibility of another ySense Addon Extra Bonus of 2% and another Activity Extra Bonus of 2% too.

These bonuses are calculated as a percentage of the total you make (save for money from referrals) on any given day. To newbies, the interface and process may be a bit confusing but continuous use will get you familiar with everything.

Your account will also show you how close you are to receiving the day’s particular bonus so no earning opportunity passes you by.

Since the eligibility varies per person, it is possible to:

  • Take a combination of two surveys or two offers (or either of each) to be able to qualify for a bonus.


  • Complete ten tasks which will be very quick to perform and the bonus is yours for the taking.


  • Combine tasks and surveys or offers; that is, 5 tasks and a survey or offer and this will grant you a bonus.


Points to note about bonuses

Any of the above options will see you earn the 12% bonus on your account at the end of the day. You can also open up the 2% ySense Addon Extra Bonus as will be discussed shortly.

The remaining 2% bonus is the Activity Extra Bonus which is earned when you complete the Checklist for 3 consecutive days. Failure to qualify for a checklist on any of those three days will automatically reset your activity bonus eligibility days’ countdown.


The more active you are on the site, the higher your chances of scooping the total bonus every day. Do not forget that the more you earn, the higher your bonus amount will be.


Ysense affiliate review

The affiliate program on ySense enables you to earn recurring commissions of up to 30% of what your referrals make. The more people you bring on board, the more you make through signup commissions, activity commissions, and referral earnings commissions.

The platform avails a link that can be shared on any platform and the money is bound to start rolling in sooner or later. As a Kickstarter, you will earn a $2 commission on the first $5 earned by your new referrals.

This will also include a $0.3 sign up commission from top-tier country affiliates who are active. The commission is $0.10 for all new active affiliates from any other country.

When your referrals have just begun, ySense will pay you a 20% commission of their earnings. If you happen to bring 100 people who remain active on the platform for at least 30 days, your commission rises to 25%. If these people are more than 200, the commission then rises to 30%.

Note: The commission you earn is paid to you directly by ySense and does not deduct from what anyone you referred, earns. It is a simple thank you gesture that benefits you without affecting the earnings of any other party.


Ysense review for its cashout

Upon completing a survey, your cash (redeemable through gift card voucher or cash) normally reflects 5-15 minutes onto your ySense dashboard though sometimes, it takes up to 30 days before reflecting. In that case, you will be informed so it does not come as a surprise.

You can receive cash payments through Paypal or Payoneer while gift card vouchers can be redeemed through Amazon and many other major stores. The fact that PayPal is available as a payment option is a very welcome convenience when coupled with the low cash out threshold of only $10.

Once you accumulate $10 or more on your dashboard, you can smoothly withdraw that amount (twice a day if you want) into your PayPal account. The money though will usually reflect on your preferred account in 4-5 days after you request a cashout.

Delays occasionally happen when too many users request payouts at the same time. For new accounts, the first time verification process may take up to 15 days so do not be surprised.

There are few additional requirements for those from the USA and Canada as below.

Amazon gift cards on the other hand can be acquired with just a $5 earning. Pretty convenient, right?

Full cash out options
Full cash out options


To make a withdrawal, simply locate the Cash Out link on your account page and click to confirm. This link can only become active after you meet the minimum withdrawal threshold. All these thresholds are indicated alongside each withdrawal method.

For the full procedure on how to redeem your cash, check out the FAQ section on the ySense website. It provides a detailed step by step guide to help you understand and make use of the full process.


The ySense forum is the hub through which all members can not only familiarize themselves with the platform but also share useful information. The forums are also available in multiple languages that members and staff use for communication as required.

Ysense Review - Forums
Ysense Review – Forums

More Earning Options

There are a few more earning options that are only available to desktop browser users who install the ySense addon. Users who do this gain earlier access to surveys and tasks through timely notifications.

By installing the ySense addon which is available for browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, you can open up the 2% ySense Addon Extra Bonus which you read about earlier.

Installing this addon is to your benefit as it gives you alerts when new surveys, tasks, and other earning opportunities become available. That addon has to be active for at least one hour each day (why would you even turn it off?) for you to qualify for the said bonus.

Reasons why some accounts are deactivated

  • Age restrictions which are; to qualify for an account, a user should be older than 13 if they live in the USA and 16 for those in any other country.
  • Any account that violates this requirement is instantly deactivated.
  • Having more than one account. All members of the same household can each have an account as long as no single person holds more than one at a time.
  • Unusual activity such as hyper-clicking and searches that may be indicative of online bots.
  • Fraud through the use of software to manipulate their reward system.
  • Any violation of the standing terms of service and website use.
  • Encouraging other users to violate the terms of service and site use.
  • Making vulgar and inappropriate comments or remarks on any of their social media handles.

Outside reviews and testimonials

Some sites like Trustpilot have reviews on ySense’s services. These reviews are both positive and negative as is the expected and usual trend. When both sides are considered though, a concrete conclusion that leans to the positive side can be drawn.

Whereas there are many frustrated users, the general picture is that ySense is worth a shot if the reviews are anything to go by. The highest number of reviewers, out of a sample space of 168 people, said the service was exceptional.

This alone is a massive green light for anyone looking to join it in hopes of earning.

The most common frustration on the other hand, by deduction, seems to stem from the limited earning opportunities available to some users and the limited pay that the site gives on each task.

Since the site uses algorithms to determine which people qualify for earnings on surveys, it is easy to find that others can be unfairly excluded from taking part in the available opportunities.

Ysense review for its user support

The quality of customer service and support usually says a lot about an organization and its values. When coupled with the hastiness with which complaints are addressed and help rendered, user satisfaction can be accurately gauged.

Helping companies stay in touch with what their product consumers and customers want is what ySense exists to promote and it would therefore be ironic if they failed in that regard themselves. Many companies have been made or broken by this failure and ySense has this knowledge at their fingertips.

When you test ySense’s support, therefore, you will usually get a quick and useful reply. Your issue will be resolved in no time.

Not to be taken by surprises though, the site itself has a disclaimer stating that sometimes their support service will delay replying to direct queries for a maximum period of 10 days. Users should not be shocked in case this happens. Forewarned is forearmed.

In the future, maybe the platform will improve upon this as they have done with their swiftness when alerting users about updates, changes, special offers among other things.

The forum also acts as a backup and may explain why the usual support route is slow since other members and staff provide quick answers here.

Since the main issue of keeping members up to date with earning opportunities and the forums are fully functional. We can conclude that the overall support system is good enough to overlook the small factor of direct query delays. Other survey sites should pick a leaf from this.

Ysense review pros and cons

Pros of ySense

  • There are multiple earning opportunities on a daily


  • The opportunities are available to people from a wide range of backgrounds or countries


  • Many bonuses are up for grabs every day so long as you are active.


  • The platform is quite user-friendly once you get a grip on the user interface


  • The rewards are good enough for the time spent participating


  • The payments are all cash that is redeemable when needed by the user


  • There are multiple payout options to choose from


  • Joining the platform is 100% free of charge and no money is spent before earning


  • The 5-day payment turnaround is impressive compared to other site timeframes


Cons of ySense

  • The cumulative pay is very low and takes a long time to become significant


  • The time to search for and find a survey worth taking is lengthy


  • A lot of time can be wasted in between surveys and while waiting to qualify for additional surveys


  • Not all countries have similar earning opportunities and some users may find opportunities hard to come by


  • Support for direct queries is very slow on many given days


  • Processing rewards for those with new accounts is very long – 15 days!


  • The rate of disqualification from taking surveys is marginally high


  • It is nearly impossible to make a full-time income on ySense.


Ysense review – Recommendation

The platform is free to join. You can’t lose anything other than your time which, if not spent on any other earning opportunity out there, is better given to the platform with the possibility of earning.

Joining is consequently worth giving a shot. The earning potential on survey sites, though, is not guaranteed. You should not join it with the expectation of making it your full-time income source. You will be disappointed.

Anyone can most definitely make money with ySense and a few other legit survey sites. (some of them will be scams from the get-go). The legitimate ones are therefore a good starting point for anyone who has not made any money online before.

While doing these surveys will not be sufficient to make you a fortune, they will give you a taste of what online money should feel like. You can use it as a springboard to set up an online business too as the side income can help you meet a few costs out there.

You will need a beginning eventually and ySense can be a good place for you to find your footing.

Try ySense for free

Ysense review – Conclusion

Considering what most online reviewers and site users have said, ySense has dramatically improved in its user-friendliness. From where it was when it was still ClixSense. We can therefore infer that the site will keep evolving in its service provision, to the benefit of the user.

Its member count that exceeds 7 million since 2007 is an indication that something worthwhile can come of the site and it is not a scam.

The site itself mentions that as of 2019, before their acquisition by Prodege, ySense had made over $39 million in payments to its users.

ySense is certainly a legitimate survey site where nearly everyone can make some extra cash.

Among the innumerable survey sites, notable success can be had on ySense. YSense is therefore a top recommendation for any survey junkie out there.

Try ySense for free

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